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Nikos Louvaris Nikos Louvaris

Nikos Louvaris
Asset 1
CEO & Founder
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Motherfucking Master
[email protected]

Ioanna Chiotelli Ioanna Chiotelli

Ioanna Chiotelli
Asset 1
Account manager
Asset 1
Diva Performer
[email protected]

Nick Beido Nick Beido

Nick Beido
Asset 1
Account manager / Partner
Asset 1
“No Life” Account
[email protected]

Manos Moros Manos Moros

Manos Moros
Asset 1
Account & Financial Manager
Asset 1
Jack of all trades
[email protected]

Kostas Sofronis Kostas Sofronis

Kostas Sofronis
Asset 1
Account Manager
Asset 1
The Short Cutter
[email protected]

Argiro Samioti Argiro Samioti

Argiro Samioti
Asset 1
Content Manager
Asset 1
The what?
[email protected]

Christina Passiou Christina Passiou

Christina Passiou
Asset 1
Graphic Design Director
Asset 1
Sustainable designer
[email protected]

We are
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the best fucking
digital performance
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in the world.

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